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Apple iPhone Is Most Popular Mobile In US

A recent study has revealed that Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone, is the most popular mobile handset in the United States of America, beating Research in Motion’s top selling BlackBerry series.

Nielsen, the American marketing and advertising research company, has found in its research that the Apple iPhone has topped the list of “Top Ten Mobile Phones in Use in US” for January-October 2009 with a four percent market share.

It dominated Research in Motion's BlackBerry 8300 series which got the 2nd spot with 3.7 per cent market share in the US mobile handset market.

Another study released last week found that Apple iPhone had surpassed Microsoft Windows Mobile handsets in terms of usage in the month of October as the popular smartphone platform had 9 million users as compared to the 7 million Windows Mobile users.

The list also revealed that Motorola RAZR V3 series got the third spot with 2.3 percent market share closely followed by LG VX9100 V2 with 2.1 per cent market share. Another LG smartphone, the Voyager, came fifth with 1.7 market share.

Interestingly, Google Search emerged as the number one website accessed by mobile internet surfers in 2009 followed by Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Weather Channel.

Our Comments

YouTube got the top spot for being the most watched mobile video channel in the US mobile market with Fox Interactive Media, Weather Channel and Comedy Central getting the 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions on the list. Video on the move is going to be fairly big in the future.

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