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Epic To Bring Unreal Engine 3 To iPhone Platform

Epic’s impressive visual Unreal Engine 3 (UE3), which powers popular games, including ‘Gears of War 2’, ‘BioShock’, and ‘Mirror’sEdge’, is now being ported to Apple’s blockbuster devices, iPhone and iPod Touch, it has been reported.

Mark Rein from Epic, in a demonstration to Anandtech’s Anand Lal Shimpi, has showcased a modified iteration of Unreal Tournament on the gadget, mentioning that the company has already been working with control systems and graphic technology.

Incidentally, the erstwhile versions of the codes of UE3 are already up and running on the Apple-made devices. Since the UE3 has OpenGL ES 2.0 as its primary prerequisite, its codes won’t be compatible with previous versions of iPod Touch and iPhone devices (3G and prior).

Evidently, only the devices sporting the latest PowerVR SGX GPU can be used to support the apps developed under this framework.

However, the use of the UE3 is still in its starting stages, as it reportedly comprised of a virtual thumb stick on the left corner to monitor the gamer’s movement, while moving the thumb down to the lower right side of the display screen controls the camera, according to a blog posting on Anandtech.

Furthermore, Rein dismissed the speculations that the move is anywhere indicating Epic’s imminent entry into the iPhone gaming market.

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Along the same line, he said: “Epic isn’t announcing any sort of iPhone engine licenses nor are they entering the iPhone game market. Porting UE3 to the iPhone is simply one of many projects being worked on inside a newer, more svelte and innovative Epic Games”.

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