Google Explores The Meaning Of Open

The search engine giant Google, in an attempt to defend its “do no evil” image, had released an internal memo for its employees or ‘Googlers’, titled ‘The meaning of open’ which has now been posted by the company’s senior vice president for product management, Jonathan Rosenberg, for the whole world to read.

The post which was made on the official Google blog, was made with the intention of letting everyone know Google’s views about what services it considers to be open and why.

Rosenberg has claimed in the post that Google is the most ‘open’ company in the world despite the fact that its search and ad platform algorithms were still behind closed doors on which Rosenberg commented that “opening up these systems would allow people to "game" our algorithms to manipulate search and ads quality rankings, reducing our quality for everyone.”

Accordingly to the post Mr. Rosenberg projected in the blog that Google believes in opening both technology and information for the growth of the internet technology.

On the whole, it seems that Rosenberg has done a good job of defending the image of the company, which has taken several hits during the past few weeks.

Our Comments

Rosenberg went a step further by declaring that “open will win”. He made an ‘open’ jibe at Apple for developing its iPhone and iPod platforms in a closed environment by adding that development done in a closed environment is bad in the long run.

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