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Netbook Market Booming Says Analyst Firm

DisplaySearch, a research and display analysis firm, has revealed data that shows that netbook shipments world wide have increased by a whooping 103 per cent compared to last year whereas global Notebook PC sales have seen a decline in the same period.

The study pegged the global netbook sales to reach around 33.3 million units by the end of this year, almost double the units shipped last year.

Furthermore, DisplaySearch said that those numbers were likely to rocket to 39.7 million in 2010, indicating a growth of 19 percent in the global shipments compared to 2009.

John Jacobs, the director of market research for netbooks at DisplaySearch, said that the reason for the immense popularity of netbooks is the portability and low pricing of the devices especially in the emerging market.

He also said that due to the fact that the devices make good secondary home PCs, consumers world over are being attracted to it. The growing shipments were also given a nudge by wireless service providers that provided the netbooks with mobile broadband contracts.

Netbooks are a type of low costing laptops which are specifically built for browsing the internet and are able to run light applications such as word processing applications and spreadsheets.

In addition to their thin design, netbooks generally come with 7 to 10 inch screens and mostly come with Intel hardware.

Our Comments

Netbooks are likely to rival normal sized notebooks in 2010 as Intel debuts Pinetrail and vendors start using it (as well as the CULV platform) to improve profit margins. That said, we hope to see significantly more ARM-based smartbooks being rolled out in 2010.

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