Ofcom Warns Customers About Service Improvement Queries

British communication watchdog Ofcom seems to be working on plans to create mass awareness on broadband services, as well as sprucing up users’ experience with their broadband offerings, according to a number of sources.

The communications regulator is all set to usher in new measures to make sure that the web users must be familiar with the kind of services they are entitled to before ringing the support lines of their respective internet services providers (ISPs).

These measures are aimed at making people familiar with what they should get under their broadband services, and making them well-versed with all the necessary technical knick-knacks while calling up their service providers for any help.

These would further make the companies more transparent in terms of their broadband offerings, and could include providing more details to the broadband customers about the solutions to the various technical problems, along with their rights and duties.

Speaking about the need of such steps, Ed Richards, CEO at Ofcom, said: “Ofcom wants to work with industry to improve the complaints handling process for consumers who have cause to make a complaint”.

Meanwhile, the regulator also published some pleasing figures in terms of cost-effectiveness of broadband services in the UK.

Our Comments

The stats suggested that the broadband services in the UK rest among one of the cheapest throughout the globe, even cheaper than in some of the countries like US, Italy, and Spain.

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