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OLPC Remains Upbeat About XO Children's Laptop

The One Laptop Per Child organisation has announced that it will be working on three different devices over the next three years to replace the existing "child centric" XO laptop which has been a mixed commercial success, to put it mildly.

The next version of the XO, codenamed XO 1.5, will feature the same form factor as the current XO laptop but will swap the existing AMD CPU with a VIA model, possibly a C7-M Ultra Low Voltage clocked at 866MHz.

Compared to the original $100 laptop, this one will come with 1GB RAM, 4GB Flash memory and will be able to run both Linux and Windows Operating system (ed: that would possibly be Windows XP Home rather than Windows 7 Starter).

OLPC is expected to sell the device as from January 200 for a mere $200, around £125, although the price may fluctuate depending on demand on global memory markets.

The next evolution, the XO 1.75, will come out in 2011 and will get rid of any x86 technology replacing it by an ARM-based Marvell processor that will apparently be twice as fast as the VIA model while consuming half the power. Could it be the Cortex A9? It is expected to cost only $150 and come with a 8.9-inch touchscreen in the same form factor as the XO 1.5.

As for the last model, the XO 3.0, it won't be available until 2012 and will be priced at less than $100 (OLPC says "well below $100"). It will use a single sheet of flexible plastic and is expected to be extremely resistant).

Essentially, it will be a XO 1.75 when it comes to hardware but without the keyboard.

Our Comments

Nichaolas Negroponte, founder of chairman of the OLPC nonprofit entity, said that “The first version of OLPC’s child-centric laptop, the XO, is a revolution in low-cost, low-power computing. The XO has been distributed to more than 1.4 million children in 35 countries and in 25 languages."

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