Pictures : New Ultra Cheap OLPC Concept Laptops From XO

The new OLPC designs have been dreamt by a little known firm called Fuseproject whose founder, Yves Behar, believes that a $75, colour, semi-flexible, touchscreen computer can become a reality within the next three years.

He told Forbes that "I wanted to bring the One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) identity to life in this new form," before adding that "That meant taking the visual complexity away, bringing tactility and friendliness, touch and color."

The project is not without its critics with some calling the project vapourware, a term usually associated with products that are pre-announced biut never see become commercially available.

Many however forget that the original OLPC/XO Laptop has successfully achieved one of its targets; forcing hardware manufacturers to rethink the way they sell computers.

The bastard son of the OLPC/XO laptop is the Intel Classmate project, which gave rise to the Netbook generation, of which more than 30 million have been sold over the last two years.

Below are the concept pictures of the keyboard-less XO 3.0 with more on page 2.