RIM Blackberry Service Hit By Yet Another E-Mail Problem

Research In Motion (RIM) Ltd., the maker of BlackBerry devices, has disclosed that some of its smartphone users in the Americas and Canada have been hit by a technical glitch on Tuesday night that was causing problems in accessing various services, including e-mails.

The recent technical snag, which is the second one that hit BlackBerry in a span of less than a week, has reportedly been causing delays in message delivery.

While there are no reports of any aberrations in the telephone and texting services, several threads on social networking sites and support forums have been flooded with the messages complaining about the irritating services outage and hold-ups in message delivery.

The substantial number of users on online forums whining about the issue indicates the gravity of the matter and how widespread the issue is.

A recorded message on the BlackBerry support line states: “Some BlackBerry customers in the Americas are currently experiencing delays in message delivery. Our technical teams are actively working to resolve this issue for those impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience”.

Incidentally, this is the second time within a week when the popular executive smartphone has found to be plagued with gnawing service outages, as its email services were disrupted last week when some of the users were experiencing issues in receiving messages on Thursday morning.

Our Comments

Cloud computing is still in its infancy and already there have been scores of incidents where data has been lost or access to online service like Gmail has been disrupted. 2010 though should be a massive year for the cloud computing segment as the sector settles down.

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