Suffolk Fugitive Taunts Police On Facebook

Craig Lynch, a fugitive criminal, is virtually ridiculing British police attempts to catch him by setting up a Facebook page and updating it with his whereabouts every now and then.

Lynch, 28, who escaped from an open prison at Hollesley Bay in September, is posting messages to his Facebook friends about his life outside jail.

He had been given a harsh seven-year prison term after being convicted of ‘aggravated burglary’, and was on the verge of finishing the term when he absconded.

Instead of hiding himself, the on-the-run criminal has mustered the courage to set-up a Facebook account, with his profile photograph showing rude gestures to police, and in a way exasperating the police officials.

In fact, Lynch has become a popular Facebook user with as many as 199 friends on the website, and even updating when he’s attending parties and events, or going to a friend’s home.

The criminal is taunting police by posting messages about the cosy life he’s having outside the prison.

One such post where he flaunted about his ‘warmer home’ includes: "That's on already if it gets any colder during Xmas we'll have to stick the sun bed on as an extra heater we did it the other night it felt like the Caribbean in the bedroom ha ha."

Our Comments

It reminds us of the case of that French prisoner who escaped from the police's clutches and went into hiding in a forest in the south of France. He managed to stay hidden despite being chased for several weeks by up to 300 policemen. He was caught on camera several times and did manage to taunt the police as well.

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