Apple Planning Major Product Launch In January?

Apple could take the wrappers off from its highly awaited tablet-style computer device in an event to be hosted in the end of the next month, sources close to the matter told Financial Times.

According to the Newspaper's technology blog, Apple Inc has already rented space at a venue in San Francisco to organize a big event to announce the new product towards the end of January.

Sources familiar with the plans told Financial Times that the electronics giant has reserved a stage at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco, and is anticipated to make a “major product announcement” on 26th of January.

The company has declined to comment on the report, and authorities at the Yerba Buena Centre couldn’t be reached for comment.

The report has come amidst the abounding rumours that Apple is in fact prepping a tablet computer, which is speculated to resemble a slightly larger iPod Touch or iPhone. Apple has not ascertained the existence of such a device though.

We've checked on the Yerba Buena website and could only find dates free on the 28th, 29th and 30th. On the 26th, the venue seems to be completely booked.

Since Apple often launches products on Tuesdays, it could well be on the 29th of January that the world will see the TabletMac, not during CES as we originally thought.

Our Comments

The report, however, hasn’t explicitly mentioned that Apple will unveil the tablet device at the January event, with some analysts even speculating that the company will roll out the product somewhere in the spring, probably towards the end of the first quarter of the next year.

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