IsoHunt Loses Copyright Court Fight

In a significant win for intellectual property and copyright holders, a US federal court has issued a verdict against the high-profile torrent indexing firm IsoHunt, declaring the website as culpable for breaching copyright laws and promoting piracy.

Denoting the case as too similar to that of Grokster and Napster in the 1990s, the case against IsoHunt won’t get a complete trial, and subsequently was issued a summary judgement.

The copyright case kicked off after some movie studio giants including, Twentieth Century Fox, Columbia, Disney, Universal, Tristar, and Warner Brothers, filed a lawsuit against the torrent tracking website and its owner Gary Fung in the year 2006.

The court’s recent ruling states that the website in fact carries a "purposeful, culpable expression and conduct, aimed at promoting infringing uses of the websites".

In addition, the ruling has also claimed that the website induced web users to get embroiled into issues pertaining to copyright infringement. However, the website responded to the ruling by claiming that the website itself doesn’t contain any content, and hence it’s not breaching any copyright rules.

The items on the website that were regarded as copyright inducements are the "Box Office Movies" and "Top 20 Movies" section, allowing IsoHunt users to illicitly download the most popular movies of all time.

Our Comments

Does that mean that Isohunt will be closing down soon? Nothing is more certain. The Piratebay is still operational despite its own ISP having pulled the plug on the world's most popular bit torrent tracker.

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