Google Netbook Specifications Leaked?

Google Inc., the corporation behind the world's most popular search engine, had revealed the Chrome operating system last month amidst much fanfare and speculations about a possible netbook based on the operating system popularly known as Chrome OS.

Now, a fresh wave of rumors has hit the operating system market as several tech sites including TechCrunch, have reported that a source close to the Chrome OS development team has revealed that Google has released RFPs (Request For Proposal) to several hardware companies including two prominent computer manufacturers in Asia.

Despite no specifications being publicly available regarding the rumored netbook, several sources have mentioned that the device will come with a chipset from Nvidia's Tegra range which is based on the ARM arhitecture.

It is more powerful and energy saving than equivalent Intel Atom technology and should cost significantly less as well. Furthermore, Nvidia is expected to launch the second generation of Tegra chipsets at the forthcoming CES in January 2010.

Also on the list of rumoured specs are a 10-inch touchscreen display, 1GB RAM, a 64GB solid state drive, WiFi, Bluetooth compatibility, all for a price reported to be under $300.

Fueling further speculations, it has been revealed, again by sources close to the development team that Google is planning to subsidise the device and sell it directly to the masses.

Our Comments

Google has developed the Chrome OS, which shares its name with internet browser offering by the search engine giant, as a web-based operating system designed to integrate the internet with the user’s desktop. The OS can run on a flash drive instead of traditional hard drives and is based on Linux.

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