Lenovo To Launch Ebook Reader In 2010?

If a report on the Chinese tech site, Netease, is to be believed then the emerging eBook reader market is about to see a new entrant in the form of Lenovo, the world's fourth largest seller of personal computers.

The tech site revealed that according to one of its sources, the Lenovo eBook reader is already in the internal testing stage and will soon be ready for a public launch. The site further reported that when the company was approached for comments, it did not deny the existence of the rumored reading device.

When computer manufacturer Asus had unveiled plans for launching an eBook reader, christened Eee reader, many tech experts had predicted that many more computer manufacturing companies were likely to follow in Asus’s footprints.

It has also been rumored that software giant Microsoft is likely to launch a slew of products, services and tools for this lucrative segment.

The increased consumer demand for the current eBook readers, like Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Nobles nook and Sony Reader, has prompted newspaper and magazine publishers to develop subscription-based content specifically for these readers.

Several major publishing houses are working on deals with eBook device manufacturers in which they look to bring their multimedia rich content to the eBook reader user base with hopes of cashing-in on the emerging market.

Our Comments

Like netbooks, a number of manufacturers are likely to launch their own Ebook Readers, which would double up as tablet computers. Expect most of them to share the same hardware platform; ARM-based processors, touchscreen, expandable onboard storage and WiFi/Colour screen options.

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