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Nvidia To Postpone Fermi GPU To Q1 2010?

According to a Digitimes report, Nvidia"s next generation Directx 11 (DX11) support graphic processing unit (GPU), Fermi, which was unveiled back in September, has been pushed back for a March 2010 release after the company reportedly hit some technical snags with the much awaited GPU.

Fermi, which was originally scheduled for a November 2009 launch, was re-scheduled for the Consumer Electronic Show launch in Las Vegas in January 2010 due to technical faults. However now, Digitimes has reported that the company has informed graphic card makers that the GPU will only be launched in March 2010.

Meanwhile, reports have confirmed that a delayed launch for Fermi will result in AMD/ATI developed "Evergreen" GPU getting a three month head start in the DX11 domain.

Nvidia, the California based chipmaker, will launch its very first 40nm, GDDR5 memory GPU Fermi-GF100 in March and plans to follow it by Fermi-GF104 version by the 2nd quarter, Digitimes has reported.

When Fermi was first revealed, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in California had already announced plans to use Fermi in a supercomputer which would be designed by companies like IBM, Microsoft and Dell.

Fermi comes with ECC memory, 512 CUDA Cores with the new IEEE 754-2008 floating-point standard, and 8x times peak double precision arithmetic performance over Nvidia's last generation GPU.

Our Comments

The problem for Fermi is that it is starting to look like a massive mammoth aiming for a niche market. We don't have benchmarks to compare it to the current ATI 5XX0 series but it is likely that ATI will end up costing less due to more mature manufacturing process and more competition in the open market

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