RIM Blackberry Tour2 Gets Previewed In US

Research in Motion's highly anticipated smartphone offering, BlackBerry Tour2, has been previewed weeks before its speculated release early next year in the US market.

The phone was previewed by the popular tech site BoyGeniusReport.com which has pegged the smartphone as a better and faster version of its predecessor, the BlackBerry Tour.

According to the website, the phone which is also known as Essex or 9650, has almost the same physical appearance as its popular predecessor. The original track ball has been replaced by an optical track pad which reportedly offers smoother navigation.

The website found that Tour2 is powered by the same processor that equips the Storm2 smartphone and is comparatively faster and responsive than the original Tour smartphone. The site reported the BlackBerry Tour2 to be rather "snappy".

The keypad sports the characteristic BlackBerry finish and allows the user to type messages, texts and notes just like any other BlackBerry devices.

The Wi-Fi support, which was earlier absent from Tour, has now been made available in Tour2 and it apparently works quite well.

Most analysts believe that the Tour2 is likely go down really well with technology enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable smartphone with sophisticated features. The phone is likely to be made available via the Verizon network sometime next year in the US.

Our Comments

What can we expect from the Tour2? Well nothing exceptional to start with and as with most Blackberry smartphones, changes are done incrementally. Still, compared with the rest of the competition - and that includes the iPhone, RIM is doing pretty well for a company that's supposed to target the corporate segment first and foremost.

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