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Sony PS4 Gaming Console To Go Multicore?

A Japanese website is reporting that the consumer electronics giant Sony is apparently working on the next generation ‘PlayStation 4’ game console, despite the company’s claims that the existing PS3 has a life span of around 10 years.

That’s not just it, as the company is even planning to replace the PS3’s Cell architecture, which some game developers have regarded as “challenging”, with other easy-to-code yet effectual alternatives, according to a report on Japanese site PC Watch as cited by Kotaku.

One such alternative that the company initially had pondered upon was a combination of its Cell and Intel’s Larrabee set up. But, the combination was dismissed over the concerns that it might not prove to be adequately powerful to run the high-quality gaming graphics properly.

Another viable option was replacing the Cell architecture with a modified iteration of the Synergistic Processor Unit, but it too was abandoned later.

The company is now reportedly working on designs that incorporate a rather more mainstream multi-core CPU architecture, according to the report.

Quoting the same, Kotaku claimed: “Sony was also apparently considering a modified version of the Synergistic Processor Unit, but is now supposedly working on designs that include a multi-core CPU”.

The new PS4 could hit the shelves in the late 2012, or early 2013, the report claimed.

Our Comments

It would be fitting for Sony to go multicore nearly ten years after the technology went mainstream in PC hardware. We expect the same to happen for Microsoft's Xbox 360 which is essentially a customised PC platform. It does make plenty of sense given that it allows massive savings on research and development.

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