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T-Mobile G1 To Get Android OS Upgrade?

AndroidSpin, an Android focused news site, has reported that the very first Android based smartphone, the T-Mobile G1, will be getting an over-the-air update.

This will upgrade its software with Android 2.0 or possibly Android 2.1, which incidentally is the operating system of soon-to-launch Nexus One also know as the Google Phone.

However, despite causing a stir within the Android user base, many techies believe that the "news" is just a rumor coming from an "anonymous source" of an unofficial Android website.

Meanwhile, AndroidSpin has further reported that the "Android 2.0 and Android 2.1 are in the hand of the some very fortunate people" but nothing can be released due to "non disclosure agreement reasons".

T-Mobile G1, which is also known as HTC Dream, was launched in the UK on the 30th October 2008 and is a sophisticated internet enabled 3G smartphone based on the Android operating system.

Android operating system was first developed by Android Inc., which was later acquired by Google Inc and runs on the Linux Kernel.

The operating system has become highly popular amongst the developer community owing to the fact that it is open source and a number of mobile manufacturers too have put their bets on the software by planning smartphones built on the Android platform.

Our Comments

If Android 2.1 is released on the G1, it will be great for the original G1 owners. Like the first generation iPhone smartphones, Dream owners may consider themselves to have been left behind as new OS updates are released but not committed to older systems.

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