US Cyber Security Head Honcho Named

US President Barack Obama has appointed Howard A. Schmidt as America's first cybersecurity coordinator who has earlier served as network security advisor to former US President George W. Bush.

The announcement comes seven months after the Obama administration declared cybersecurity as the" most serious economic and national-security challenge we face." and making it a top priority.

In a webcast released by Mr. Schmidt, he pointed out that his key roles will comprise of "developing a new comprehensive strategy to secure American networks, ensuring an organised, unified response to future cyber incidents, promoting research and development for the next generation of technologies."

Meanwhile, the appointment, no matter how long it has taken, has been greeted with approval throughout the computer security sector as many believe that Howard Schmidt will bring together the right level of senior government experience and industry experience when deal with the country"s cybersecurity issues.

However, some of the security experts believe that Schmidt, as the "cybersecurity czar" faces a huge task ahead of him as apart from dealing with several overdue security issues he will have to integrate several cybersecurity programs in government agencies like the Pentagon and Department of Homeland security.

Our Comments

Cyberwarfare is likely to be the next battleground for US Rivals like China or Russia. Other rogue organisations, either terrorists or cyber criminals, are likely to see the move by president Obama from a paper-based administration to one that relies heavily on cloud computing as an opportunity to strike the country.

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