£100 Sony BDPS360 Profile 2.0 Blu-ray Player with BD Live

Bring the full High Definition cinema experience into your living room with the S360 Blu-ray Disc player. Blu-ray Discs can store up to five times more detail than DVD, so you’ll see more of the picture than ever before.

The option of 24 frame output means you can enjoy movies exactly as the director intended. The same goes for sound, with the S360 capable of delivering up to 7.1 channel sound direct to your speaker system.

And there’s more. Connect the S360 to the internet and BD-Live gives you access to exclusive online content, including trailers, interviews, games and more.

If you thought DVD pictures looked great compared to conventional TV broadcasts, take a look at the difference the S360 Blu-ray Disc Player will make to your viewing experience.

Blu-ray Disc records and plays back digital data at 40 megabits a second, it can display Full HD images at 1920 x 1080 line resolution with progressive scanning.

And that means the S360 brings the ultimate in crisp and fluid images to your screen. New Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology will convert the standard-definition signals of your DVDs to the full HD 1080 equivalent, so you get the best out of your complete movie library.

You can buy this fantastic Blu-ray player from Amazon for only £100 delivered.