£115 Hitachi 2TB External Hard Drive

Carry a massive amount of data with you and copy or move it over to just about any PC or Apple Mac. Everything about the Hitachi 2TB SimpleDrive has been made incredibly easy.

Just plug it in to your computer and you're ready to make use of the vast capacity. Two terabytes of digital space means you can store your biggest files on this external hard drive.

Windows users can benefit from the TurboUSB speed, which is 25% faster than USB 2.0. Ensure your irreplaceable photos, videos and music files are kept backed up on this 2TB external hard drive from Hitachi.

This drive carries a two year warranty and needs an external AC adaptor. It is compatible with all major OSes except Linux it seems and it is cheaper than either buying two 1TB hard disk drives or a 2TB internal drive.

Buy this 2TB Hitachi Simpledrive peripheral while you can at Misco for only £115.