£139 Sony Pocket Reader PRS300 Silver

With the new Pocket Reader PRS-300 from Sony you can take 100s of eBooks wherever you go.

Carry all your favourite eBooks on one slim, lightweight digital book reader and escape to a good book whenever you want – at home, on holiday, on the train.... The E Ink Vizplex screen gives you a real reading experience. It looks just like paper, so you can read in bright sunlight from any angle.

Whether you are on the bus, train, plane or generally on the go the new Sony Pocket Reader is the ideal travel companion.

The slim, compact design makes it extremely easy to carry around with you and with the ability to store up to 350 ebooks on the internal memory you will never be left without something to read.

Especially now there is a huge choice of content; from classics to the latest blockbusters through any ebook store selling epub or pdf books. The easy to use interface on your Reader makes locating, accessing and book marking your books is easy.

The extended battery life means that you can turn 6,800 pages between charges making the Pocket Reader a perfect holiday companion.

The Pocket Reader comes with a 5” eInk Vizplex screen for a book like reading experience, even in bright sunshine the revolutionary screen is easily readable. There is also no need to strain your eyes to read any words as there is a function which allows you to magnify the text up to 3 times.

The Pocket reader comes with a carrying pouch but there are also a variety of accessories to personalise your Reader including covers, screen protectors, reading lights. Also available in pink.

Get it from WHSmith for only £139 including delivery.