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£199 Samsung HT-WS1GT 2.1 Home Cinema System Soundbar

The HT-WS1GT has been created for those who want home theatre sound without the fuss of positioning speakers in the corners of your room. The WS1GT provides a virtual surround sound environment with crisp clear definition.

Accompanied by the same powerful sub that can be found in the BD7200 and 8200 systems, with its tight punch 6" subwoofer you will find yourself amazed by the level and quality of sound produced by this ultra slim and stylish sound bar & sub combination.

If you're looking for an upgrade in sound quality from your flat screen TV, then the Samsung HTWS1gt offers the ideal blend of sound and style.

Featuring a sound "bar", the HTWS1gt has been designed to fit in with TVs as seamlessly as possible. Included with the speaker is a wall mount for placing the speaker directly above or below your TV.

Although designed to be the perfect match for 40" TVs, the HTWS1gt complements most modern TVs with its "platinum black" finish. Touch sensitive controls not only add sophistication but also provide a cleaner look, thus causing less distraction when viewing.

Although compact and unobtrusive, the HTWS1gt has been designed to offer a spacious sound quality that gives the effect of surround sound.

Further aiding its cause is the matching subwoofer. This compact sub provides a tight, crisp bass response that takes the sound quality to lower levels than pretty much any TV would usually go.

The Samsung HTWS1gt is available from Novatech for only £199 excluding delivery (opens in new tab).

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