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£250 LG HT554TH Black 5.1 DVD Package System with HDMI inc. Speakers

This great LG HT554TH 5.1 home cinema system will give you that great sounds quality when watching your favourite film.

Home cinema is no longer out of reach; this LG HT554TH's top performance is down to their VSM (Virtual Sound Matrix) technology where it gives the effect of 10 speakers rather than 5.

The 10.1 virtual sound coupled with 500W of power will fill the room with great sounding audio that will draw you into the heart of the action.

In addition to offering an engaging sound quality, the LG HT554th has a fine picture quality. With the DVD player upscaling to 1080p, you can connect it to your HD TV via HDMI and enjoy your DVD collection at the highest picture quality possible.

Other great features with this smart home cinema package include a USB socket. This not only allows you to playback media units, such as mobile phones, through the system, but also to record from CD to MP3 or memory stick.

LG Simplink means that if you have an LG TV and connect via HMDI, you can enjoy simplified operation with just one remote control.

The tall, sleek looking front and rear speakers will suit any interior and have been cleverly designed to match current flat screen TVs.

For a good- looking home cinema system that will greatly enhance your movie watching, the LG HT554TH should definitely not be missed.

This deal is available from Richersounds for only £250 (opens in new tab).

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