£400 Samsung PS42B430P2 42-inch HD Ready Digital Plasma TV

Balancing technology and design like never before, the Samsung Plasma TV SERIES 4 provides a passionately premium multimedia experience. Movies, sports, and games surge to life on its screen, opening the door to unlimited possibilities.

The Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio provides better clarity than you ever thought possible. It provides you deeper, richer dark colours and bright, more vibrant light colours.

Samsung Plasma TVs achieve faster, more fluid moving images due to the fact that it has more subfields per second than any other plasma display. With 600 subfields in every second, it delivers images that appear seamless, smooth, and stunningly natural.

No matter how fast the action, Samsung Plasma TVs is ready to perform. The response time 0.001ms equals to light speed that creates clear and non-blur scenes at the highest speed.

The SRS TruSurround HD Digital system provides a superior sonic presence. Hidden in the chassis of the TV, the speakers add powerful multi-directional sound to your viewing experience, creating an audio environment that is ideally suited for Movies, Sports, and Games.

With the DVB-Terrestrial tuner conveniently built into the Plasma TV, you can now receive high-definition terrestrial broadcast with a set top box, complicated wiring or extra power source. Picture quality is also optimised with the integrated tuners.

You can purchase this incredibly well balanced Samsung Series 4 Plasma screen from Argos for only £400.