£80 Xclio A380Colour, Tower Black+Window & 25cm Front & 25cm Side 256colour LED Cooling Fans w/o PSU

This is very obvious why Scan slapped the name A380 to this unique case if you see the actual case.

Attached an engine of the largest civil flying machine in the world on the front panel with a massive 25cm 256 Color LED fan, side panel with 25cm 256 Color LED fan, and 12cm 256 Color LED fan on rear.

All fans target the main heat source of the chassis which protect and enhance your hardware components by cooling down the temperature efficiently.

Moreover, it can make your HDDs installation more efficiently; also each case has 6 HDD trays. Either the appearance or the function, A380 can give you an experience more than you can imagine.

Buy it from Scan's Today Only page for only £80.