£90 Wharfedale 500gb Digital Twin tuner PVR

This superb Freeview PVR comes with a 500gb Hard drive, can pause and rewind live TV.

It has a Remote control, CI slot, Built in Freeview, Two Scart Sockets and can record up 240 hours of recording onto the hard drive through its 7 Day EPG.

Twin Freeview tuners give a wide range of recording and viewing options. One can watch one channel while recording another or even record two channels simultaneously while playing back a previous recording!

Furthermore, the combination of twin tuners and hard drive allows live TV to be paused, rewound and even edited.

Twin tuners also allow for picture in picture - perfect for keeping an eye on the football or lottery results whilst watching another program.

Other useful features include a CI card interface for pay TV services such as top up tv and even a built-in demodulator: so you don't even need to have a TV with SCART socket for the player to work.

It has a two channel stereo output, upscales to 1080i and is a refurbished model, available from Morgancomputers for only £90.