British Fugitive STILL Taunting Police On Facebook

An on-the-run British con is becoming an internet sensation for having the guts of setting up a Facebook profile and making a mockery of police officials for their inability to catch him.

The 28-year-old British absconder, Craig "Lazie" Lynch, is taunting police authorities by updating his Facebook profile with his whereabouts from time to time.

Lynch, who absconded from an open prison at Suffolk’s Hollesley Bay on 23 September, is posting updates about his life out side the prison on a regular basis, and managed to grab the eyeballs of a large number of Facebook users.

Instead of hiding from the police, the flagrant escapee is virtually throwing a challenge against the UK police for arresting him.

It seems that he has been thoroughly enjoying ridiculing the authorities and entertaining his massive 1,247 followers on the social networking site by posting images making obscene gestures to the police.

In his recent post on the website, Lynch noted: "I aint handin myself in. Why am i going to do their job for them. What do they get payed for. And does anyone have a cannon, i need firing over the atlantic."

Incidentally, Lynch was on the verge of completing a seven-year sentence for the act of committing a burglary when he escaped from the prison in September.

Our Comments

The last we heard of the lad is that Facebook and the British force are working together to catch him. Obviously, the question is whether he will end up like Bin Laden, a legendary fugitive that makes a fool out of the law and manages to escape every attempts to catch him. We can only wish him bad luck.

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