Ford To Launch iPod Aware Range Of Cars

Ford, the Michigan based motor company, has become the first automobile manufacturer to provide iTunes song tagging technology in its high definition radio receivers that will come factory installed in some of its new car models to be launched next year.

The company said that the iTunes tagging technology, which will allow the drivers to tag any song that they hear on the HD Radio simply by pressing a button, will be able to able to hold up to 100 songs and when an iPod or iPhone is plugged in, the songs can be downloaded once the driver confirms the payment. The company expects that the new feature to become quite popular amongst technology enthusiasts.

iTunes tagging technology will now be a part of Ford’s voice controlled telecommunications and infotainment system, Sync, which was launched by the company in 2007.

The platform has seen a string of developments in past few weeks with Ford rolling out an application that will allow licensed partners to develop their own software for the Sync platform.

The company also announced recently that the next generation Sync will turn the car in to a mobile and Wi-Fi hotspot if any one plugs an air card in Sync’s USB port.

Our Comments

Ford is trying to think ahead of the curve and planning to launch a series of vehicles that embody what a connected citizen stands for. Let's just hope that it will not tie the vehicles to any specific technologies or else it might be problematic should users want to use alternative products.

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