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Google Calls Nexus One Press Conference For January 5th

Google, the company behind the Android operating system, has called an "Android press gathering" at the Googleplex, the company’s headquarters in California on Tuesday next week to showcase Android and demonstrate new products, indicating that the world just might see the very first Google phone or Nexus One.

The invitation was sent to a carefully selected line-up of press media and although the invitation doesn’t mention anything about Nexus One, tech enthusiasts believe that company will unveil the phone at the press conference.

A few hours ago, a ‘tipster’ sent Nexus One documents to tech website Engadget that confirmed that Nexus One will be available at $530 for the unlocked version and $180 if the users get it from T-Mobile.

The invitation reads "With the launch of the first Android-powered device just over a year ago, we’ve seen how a powerful, open platform can spur mobile product innovation. And this is just the beginning of what’s possible."

The phone will be sold solely by Google via the web, however, billing, coverage, features and plans will be supported by T-Mobile whereas HTC along with Google will handle trouble shooting and exchange process.

The market has seen a horde of mobile devices based on the Android OS but it will be interesting to see how the tech world responds to the Android smartphone offering from the search engine giant as people are expecting nothing short of pure "awesomeness" from the Nexus One smartphone.

Our Comments

Great way to start 2010. Google is likely to be expecting quite a lot from the Nexus one, its first mass produced consumer appliance. It could, to some extent, make or break Google's attempt to become the world's most powerful company in the forthcoming year.

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