Google To Launch Online Gaming Service?

After attaining the top spot in the online video sharing domain, Google-owned YouTube seems all set to foray into the interactive online gaming, according to a report from BNet.

The website is reporting that Google has already filed an intriguing patent application on 19 February 2009 that pointed out towards the search engine giant’s proposed venture into the arena of online gaming.

The patent, codenamed as "Web-based System for Generation of Interactive Games Based on Digital Videos", was published earlier this month.

The patent actually discusses a way to offer "the collaborative generation of interactive features for digital videos, and in particular to interactive video annotations enabling control of video playback locations and creation of interactive games", the website quoted.

The full patent application is indeed a pointer to the fact that the games could be developed at the top of the videos passed on to the hosting site, which in turn indicates towards the possible extension of YouTube into an associated gaming platform.

As of now, the present annotations on YouTube doesn't allow for the creation of online games. However, the recent patent paves the way for the creation of a game that hops from video to video on the basis of the user’s responses.

In addition, it has also mentioned some of the useful applications that could spruce up the advertising dynamics to a good extent.

Our Comments

Some Youtube users have used the service creatively in the past with great results. We remember one where young British people were introduced to the dangers of knives through a number of interactive, life-like videos through Youtube and used a simple point and click solution to move around.

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