Nokia Extends Patent Claims To Most Apple Products

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia has beefed up its patent-infringement tussle with its archrival Apple Inc., purporting that almost all of Apple’s products violate its patents.

In a complaint filed with the US International Trade Commission, Nokia accused Apple of violating its patents in "virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, and computers".

Nokia went on to claim that Apple has been using a number of its proprietary technologies to help equip its range of devices with cutting-edge features.

Asserting on the need of such an action, Nokia’s Paul Melin, said: "Nokia has been the leading developer of many key technologies in small electronic devices. This action is about protecting the results of such pioneering development".

This complaint from Nokia comes as the latest in the series of ongoing blame game between the two electronics giants.

Incidentally, the two companies have been engaged in some serious war of words against each other in court ever since the licensing agreement between the two collapsed earlier this year.

Back in October, Nokia filed a legal suit against Apple in the US District court of Delaware alleging that Apple’s blockbuster iPhone was breaching flurry of its wireless technology patents, and subsequently demanding compensation for every handset sold.

Apple responded to the complaint with a countersuit in December, claiming that Nokia had emulated the iPhone and violated many of its own patents in the course.

Our Comments

2010 might suddenly turn uglier for both companies. Nokia has hopefully weighed the pros and cons of taking on a firm the size of Apple. The latter is four times the size of the Finnish company and could end up costing Nokia some serious goodwill if it fails to demonstrate its accusations.

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