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UK's Cheapest New Apple 8GB iPod touch @ £138.66 Delivered

The New Apple 8GB iPod touch provides you with all the functionality you'd expect from a conventional iPod and loads more besides!

Using the multi-touch interface of the beautiful 3.5" LCD display, within a few short moments of picking up the iPod Touch you can be listening to your favourite tunes, watching videos, browsing the web, checking and sending emails, playing games, or admiring your favourite photos.

With pre-installed iPod Touch 3.1 software, a raft of extra functionality is introduced to this 8GB multimedia player, including Stereo Bluetooth, Genius Mixes, Peer-to-peer gaming, landscape keyboard, automatic Wi-Fi Login, parental controls, and a Shake to Shuffle feature where you merely have to give the iPod a shake to randomly switch tracks!

The New Apple 8GB iPod touch also includes a Nike + iPod function, which allows you to get fit by using your iPod in conjunction with a separately available Nike + iPod Sensor.

Slip the sensor into your running shoe and track time, distance, and calories burned. This feature can also be used with compatible Nike + iPod treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair steppers, and stationary bikes in many fitness centres.

With enough storage space for up to 1,750 songs, 10 hours of video, or up to 10,000 photos, you need never experience a dull moment again with the New Apple 8GB iPod touch!

It is currently available at Dixons (opens in new tab) for a mere £138.66 including delivery making it the cheapest, brand new, third generation iPod Touch currently available in the UK.

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