British Women Prefer Mobile Phones To Boyfriends

"What a woman wants?" - While the question has remained an unsolved mystery for many since ages, a recent research has attempted to unleash the most treasured possessions of women in the present era.

In what could be seen as a massive setback for guys, a research conducted by a UK-based pawnbroker has revealed that girls treasure their mobile phones and photos far more than their boyfriends.

The survey of 4,000 women has claimed that around 40 percent said they would be "devastated" if they misplaced their mobile phones, while one third of the respondents admitted they could lead a happy life without a man.

Mothers topped the list of the women’s most treasured assets, followed by touchy images and best friends. However, boyfriends only managed to garner the fifth spot in the list, surpassing stuffs, like diamonds, laptops, hair-straighteners, and pets.

In addition, as much as 20 percent of the women surveyed even admitted to think about pawning their valuable things to get the much required cash, the study added.

Commenting upon the results, Paul Aitken, CEO of, said "The list certainly threw up some surprises with boyfriends featuring below photos and mobile phones. It's understandable why mums come out top though - they are there to lend an ear, offer support and a best friend to many girls."

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Unfortunately for boyfriends, a majority of the respondents would even consider dumping their boyfriends or husbands in return for £700,000.

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