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Orange To Roll Out HD Quality Mobile Phone Call Service In 2010

France Telecom owned Orange UK has announced that the company will become the first mobile service provider to roll out High Definition Voice services to its customers in 2010.

The HD Voice service will offer high call voice quality on handsets which have a dedicated HD Voice feature. The company said that it was working closely with ‘leading mobile phone manufacturers’ to develop HD Voice enabled handsets that will be launched in 2010.

Orange, the company that currently provides 3G services to around 93 percent of UK’s population, added that the service will go on trials in early 2010 with country-wide launch sometime later in the year.

Interestingly, the HD Voice service will enjoy a higher call bandwidth of 500-700 Hz as compared to 300-500 Hz that was offered earlier. The company claimed in a statement that the HD Voice service will make callers' feel as if they are in the same room as the person whom they are talking too.

Commenting on the rather revolutionary upgrade, Tom Alexander, the CEO of Orange UK - which has a customer base of over 17 million users across Britain - said that "Orange is proud to be leading the industry into the next decade by announcing a new standard in voice innovation that will transform the mobile experience for customers in the UK."

Our Comments

This is truly a massive update from Orange and could sway quite a few customers. That said, it will be interesting to see whether it will work only between Orange customers or whether the sound improvement will also be noticeable when doing calls to other parties as well.

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