Package Sticker Of 8GB iPhone 3GS Surfaces

A German user who purchased a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G found that the label of the phone's box contained the mentions "iPhone 3GS v2.2, 8GB" and this was enough to revive rumours of a potential iPhone 3GS with 8GB.

The model would replace the existing 8GB iPhone 3G, which would make sense, given that moving to a single model would save both time and money for Apple with aftersales services finding it easier to deal with one model.

As elegant and attractive as the finding is, there are still a number of issues; the label appears to have been slapped on a box whose dimensions do not apparently appear to match those of an iPhone box.

Then there's the fact that the model and part number point to the older 8GB version rather than an unknown model. This leaves us under the impression that this is no more than a typo.

It would be interesting to find out whether other customers who have purchased refurbished iPhone 3G from T-Mobile in Hanover have also managed to get the same sticker.

Back in August, an internal document from Canadian telecomunications company Rogers, was published online and was entitled "Rogers 8GB iPhone transitioning to 3GS".

Our Comments

It would make sense for Apple to release this 8GB 3GS now. The release of the iPhone 4G (or whatever the name of the next generation iPhone) in June 2010 will mean that the 8GB 3GS will already be obsolete by the time it becomes mainstream.

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