Thousands Of Mobile Phones Recovered In Prisons

In a shocking development, it has been found that the number of mobile phones and SIM cards discovered in UK prisons has increased threefold in just two years and those found in high-security prisons, which house some of the most dangerous terrorists and convicted terror suspects, have doubled since 2006.

According to recent reports, it has been revealed that a total of 8,099 mobile phones and SIM cards were found seized from UK prisons in 2008, out of which, 388 were discovered in high security prisons. In comparison, 2272 mobiles and SIM cards were discovered from prisons in 2006 out of which 294 were from maximum security prisons.

This surge in the number of mobiles being smuggled inside UK prisons is a serious terror threat to the nation’s security as some high placed government officials believe that these smuggled phones are being used by extremist terrorists to spread the message of hate and plan terror activities from inside the prisons.

The Shadow Security Minister, Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, was quick to point out that "These are really shocking figures. How can the Government have done so little as the number of phones found in prisons has more than tripled?"

Our Comments

There were talks some time back of anti mobile phone devices which were to be installed in prisons. Maybe these should be rolled out across Britain. However, there's the wider question of how mobile phones managed to be smuggled inside the prisons.

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