Apple Has Ordered 10 Million Tablet PC Says Ex-Google China CEO

The former president of Google China, Kai-fu Lee, has claimed on a Chinese micro blogging site that Apple Inc. has plans to manufacture 10 million units of the still-unconfirmed tablet PC that the company is rumored to roll-out next month.

Lee has claimed that this fresh of information regarding the Cupertino, California-based company’s tablet PC device has come from a "knowledgeable friend" who is intimate with the project and told him that the much-awaited device will be released next month.

If this rumour is to be believed then it seems that the iPod maker has set a lot of hopes on the success of this device which will be targeted towards a relatively untapped market which has very few players at the moment.

However, none of the devices have generated as much curiosity as the tablet device from Apple, which is yet to see an official announcement.

Lee also reported on his blog that the device will look like a large iPhone with a 10.1-inch touch screen and will sport a virtual keyboard along with a 3D graphics card; it will apparently will be offered at a price lower than USD $1000.

Kai-fu Lee, who quit Google in September, has also been employed by Apple in the past and has recently started a technology start-up, Innovation Works.

Our Comments

There is no smoke without fire and the fact that Kai-Fu Lee, someone who once attracted the ire of Steve Ballmer, the CEO Of Microsoft himself, decided to tell us more about that venture now is a bit puzzling.

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