UK Government Not Doing Enough For Broadband

The editor of a leading internet advice website,, Edd Dawson has accused the British government of not taking the goal of country-wide deployment of superfast broadband "seriously".

The broadband expert said that this apparent lack of interest on the part of the government can adversely affect the growth of the IT industry in UK.

Compared to the leaders of other countries, Britain's politicians don't seem "committed" towards introducing the next-generation super-fast broadband internet for the United Kingdom, said the internet expert.

Mr. Dawson continued to criticise the government's failure to roll out plans regarding the Britain-wide superfast broadband by adding that "Lip service is being given to it at the moment but there is no serious desire from government to sort it out. That is where the serious issue lies."

However, Edd Dawson is hopeful that 2010 will see the nationwide rollout of super-fast broadband even if up till now, all the major political parties have failed to "demonstrate commitment" for the super-fast broadband scheme.

Several technology experts, apart from Mr. Dawson, firmly believe that the nationwide inclusion of super-fast broadband has the potential of boosting Britain’s economy significantly as individuals and businesses alike will have continuous access to spectacular internet speeds.

Our Comments

Any significant improvement in the broadband speeds over the last few years has been down to a handful of companies and private firms like Virgin Media or O2's own Be. None of which have received any formal help from the government. Yet Virgin Media is on the verge of releasing a 200mbps broadband service by 2012.

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