Google Chrome Now Third Most Popular Web Browser Globally

Chrome, the web browser offering from search engine giant Google, has bagged the 3rd slot in the browser market, displacing Apple's Safari browser for the first time, just 16 months after its debut, according to a popular web statistic firm.

The data released by the California based web statistics firm Net Applications revealed that Google Chrome has managed to garner a market share of 4.63 percent, edging out Safari, whose market share slipped to 4.46 percent.

Many analysts believe that Google Chrome has gained 0.7 percent share in the browser market owing to the massive marketing campaign undertaken by Google ever since the browser was launched in September 2008.

The fact that Google released beta versions of its Chrome browser for Mac and Linux operating systems might have also resulted in lending Chrome a helping hand.

However, even if Apple Safari dropped down from the position it had held for a long time, the browser managed to gain a tenth of a percentage point in the market share.

Meanwhile, the Opera web browser gained a lot of ground in the month of December due to the release of Opera 10 and ended up with a market share of 2.4 percent by the end of December.

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The market leaders were Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox that enjoy a market share of 62.7 percent and 24.6 percent respectively. However expect Google Chrome to pass the 10 percent barrier by the end of next year helped by the release of Chrome OS and the EU decision to force Windows 7 to bundle different browsers.

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