Top 10 Articles Of 2009 : iPhone, Netbooks, Youtube & Facebook

In 2009, published several thousands articles, some of which have attracted tens of thousands of readers.

It is therefore time to reveal which of the articles posted in the last year of the last decade have attracted the most interest... and yes, we've got quite a few stories about the iPhone there and a lot of lists too.

1. 5 Things The iPhone 4G Will Bring In 2010

2. UK's Top Five Netbook Bargains From £139.97

3. Apple iPhone 3.0 : 10 Things You Need To Know

4. Microsoft Kicks Woman From Xbox Live For Being Lesbian

5. Top 6 UK Netbook Bargains From £99.97

6. 5 Reasons To Buy Apple's iPhone From Tesco

7. Youtube Looks To Offer Videos In High-Res

8. Google Earth Causes Confusion Over Lost Atlantis City

9. British Fugitive STILL Taunting Police On Facebook

10. Teenager Saved From Lightning By Her iPod