£100 YAMAHA TSX120 White DAB/FM iPod Dock - iPod not included

The Yamaha TSX-120 makes a perfect luxury iPod hi-fi system for your desk, bedside or kitchen.

Within its compact case you'll find a powerful amplifier with a meaty 15 watts per channel. Stereo speakers with bass reflex ports at the rear provide a surprisingly full-bodied sound for such a compact unit and four DSP modes - Normal, Mild, Heavy and Live - give greater flexibility in terms of tuning the system to the sound you prefer.

In terms of inputs, an integrated dock lets you plug in your iPod without the need for a separate cable or dock. There's also a separate AUX input for other MP3 players. Added to this you'll find a DAB/FM tuner for a wide range of radio stations.

Yamaha haven't just provided an excellent sounding and equipped mini hi-fi and left it at that. The TSX-120 is beautifully designed and practical, too. The flat top, finished in real wood veneer has been designed as a surface to place your keys, glasses and other chattels on.

As you collect your iPod in the morning, there are the other bits and pieces you need, too! Confirming the TSX-120's useful qualities is a clock with dual alarm function. There's also a handy credit card sized remote control.

For a desktop system that could easily become an irreplaceable part of your life, the Yamaha TSX-120 fits the bill. Buy it from Richersounds for a mere £100 with 12 month warranty.