2010 Looks Good For Data Center Managers

While data centre managers have had to reel under a hostile economic environment for the major part of the year in 2009 when the global economic recession significantly clobbered their IT spending, the New Year has indeed ushered in a more optimistic picture of the industry.

Having weathered down the economic downturn, the data centre industry is actually looking ahead for some serious monetary recompense this year with cloud computing and virtualisation technology would apparently gain the momentum again, according to analysts and IT professionals.

Both virtualisation and cloud computing are being reckoned as saviours that could help the industry save considerable amount of money at the bottom line, and add significant amounts to the companies’ kitty.

In addition to advancements in cloud computing and virtualisation, the industry is hoping that a slew of cutting-edge technologies, such as Cisco’s UCS and Nehalem “EX” from Intel, would be very useful in bringing the IT operational costs down.

Predicting a rather buoyant picture of the data centre domain, Roger Kay, an analyst at Endpoint Technologies said "They’re hoping to see budgets again in 2010. Some dough is what they’d like. They’re all for refreshing clients now that [Microsoft’s Windows 7] is here, and generally shortening the average system life, but [they] have been severely constrained this year."

Our Comments

The growth of data centers is set to surge over the next few years as cloud computing and virtualisation usage explode. This is not a pie-in-the-sky prediction but rather a gradual paradigm shift that has been happening and slowly "trickling up" to senior management.

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