£70 PHILIPS WAS6050 Black Portable Wireless Internet/FM Radio

Get easy access to thousands of free Internet radio stations with the Philips WAS6050 Streamium music system.

The beauty of this Philips Wireless Music Station is that it uses complex technology to give you easy access to a massive range of music, anywhere in your home.

Simply "tune in" the WAS6050 to your home network hub and, provided its wireless, you can enjoy Internet radio in any room of your home. Furthermore, you can also stream music from your PC over the wireless network, giving you access to all your stored music in any room.

As handy as Internet radio and streaming is, the Philips WAS6050 takes it much further than many of its rivals. Link the WAS6050 to a full Streamium system and you can build a wireless multi-room system which, through My Room, My Music, lets you listen to different music in each room, the same in each room, or follow you from room to room - perfect for listening to uninterrupted radio as you move around your home.

This Philips Streamium portable is also very easy to navigate. Browse your collection by album, artist, genre or track, just as you'd do with your MP3 player or iPod. Similarly, accessing a massive range of Internet radio stations is very straight forward.

Although small, the Philips WAS6050 offers surprisingly powerful sound quality. The 15 watt Class D amp powers 4 speakers for a punchy, spacious sound quality. For plug and play music in any room, the Philips WAS6050 makes the most of your wireless home network.

Buy this Philips Black portable wireless Internet/FM Radio for only £70 from Richersounds.