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British Hypnotist To Hypnotise Thousands Via Facebook, Twitter

Acclaimed British hypnotist Chris Hughes will attempt a mass hypnotism session via social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, the Independent has reported.

The ‘global social hypnotism session’ will take place later today, Monday, January 4th on the occasion of World Hypnotism Day.

The experiment, which will be broadcasted at 2030hrs GMT, will be Chris Hughes first attempt to set a world record of largest online hypnotism via webcast, in which approximately 6500 Twitter and Facebook users will take part.

The hypnosis event, named ‘@socialtrance’, will see Chris Hughes offering positive suggestions to participants on how they could get a good start in the New Year. However, the hypnotist has also claimed that the hypnosis session will be ‘fun’ as well.

Commenting on his mass hypnosis event, the hypnotherapist said that “You will find yourself being unable to get out of your chair. You will have your hands, and eyes stuck together and experience relaxation like you have never felt before."

In order for the mass hypnosis to work, participants will require a PC or laptop with an internet connection, speakers or headphones, a ‘comfy’ chair and a quite place.

Our Comments

However, it has been advised that any one having a psychotic illness or suffering from heart problems should not take part in the experiment. Same goes for pregnant women and people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Anyone who wants to take part in this, let us know, we'd be interesting to see how it all goes.

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