Lenovo Bets On AMD For New Laptops

As CES 2010 start date nears, Lenovo has announced a new range of Thinkpad portables nicknamed Edge which will go head to head against Intel's CULV models.

The Thinkpad Edge models will target specifically corporate customers, come in three colour range and have three screen sizes (13.3-inch, 14-inch and 15-inch) and will have a starting price of $549, significantly cheaper than equivalent Intel models.

Lenovo has chosen to use Athlon Neo and Turion Neo CPUs to equip its newly launched models and although they might match Intel models' sheer firepower, they will be found lagging behind when it comes to battery life.

The Chinese company has confirmed though that it will be offering the Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processors on the Edge range but at a significantly higher price.

Reports have claimed that the Edge will run only 3.7 hours on a 4-cell battery and nearly six on a 6-cell battery; this compares with six hours and nearly nine hours in Intel's case.

Edge models will also come with high resolution webcams, 3G and 4G, Skype and IBM's signature red pointing device; interestingly, it might be on the keyboard that users will see the most changes.

Lenovo has also decided to dump numbered keypads on the laptops' keyboards, made it spill-resistant, introduced illuminated keys, larger delete and escape keys and adopt a chiclet style.

Only the first smallest 13-inch model is available right now with the two others expected to go on sale during the second quarter of the year. Lenovo hasn't said whether or when the new laptops will be on sale in the UK.

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Lenovo has also introduced a rather interesting ultra portable device, the X100e with a pricetag of only $449. Its 11.1-inch screen can display 1366x768 pixels and although it is not as light as existing CULV, it does include a GbE Ethernet port, three USB ports, VGA Out and a card reader plus a 320GB hard disk drive and 2GB RAM.

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