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Microsoft Considers As A Major Threat To Office Suite

Open Office, a free and open source suite of office productivity programs, has apparently emerged as a potentially lethal threat to Microsoft’s flagship Office suite, which also faces serious competition from web-based Google Docs.

However now, Microsoft is in middle of making plans to fight back against these two very different solutions which threaten Microsoft Office’s market hegemony.

For this purpose, the company has made a job posting to look for a ‘compete lead’ against Open Office, which incidentally is developed and distributed by Sun Microsystems, the company which gave ‘Java’ to the world and has been acquired last year by Oracle.

According to the job posting on Microsoft Careers, the company has spelled out that the ‘core mission’ of the ‘compete lead’ is to "win share against Linux and by designing and driving marketing programs, changing perceptions, engaging with Open Source communities and organizations, and drive internal readiness on how to compete with Commercial Linux."

The Redmond based software giant also plans to garner market share for its Office suite by dispelling ‘hostile’ or negative perception of the Microsoft platform.

The strategy ‘compete lead’ required by the Windows maker will have to come up with ‘programmatic marketing’ solutions that will ‘Change the way people think about Microsoft’.

Our Comments was always a major threat to Microsoft Office Suite but we can't help but think that it is no longer the main competitor. Docs, in our opinion, is a far bigger competitor since it has the backing of search engine giant Google and is set to become even bigger this year as it becomes the defacto suite on Chrome OS.

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