Microsoft To Launch Muscle Controlled Game Controller?

Microsoft Corp., the California based software giant, has reportedly filed patents for a new technology that will allow users to control a computer device by merely flexing their muscles and could potentially find its way in its signature gaming console.

TechFlash, which first broke the story, reported that the new motion sensing technology is designed to detect a person’s arm movement, including the tiniest of hand gestures and translating them into commands for whatever the user is trying to control.

The technology is based on the principal of EMG or Electromyography technology which translates electrical activities from muscles into instructions which are then processed by the computer.

According to TechFlash, the patent file by the company read “As computing and digital information becomes integrated into everyday environments, situations arise where it may be inconvenient or difficult to use hands to directly manipulate an input device.”

Tech experts believe that the technology, which is still under Microsoft research division, will be used by the company to incorporate next generation motion sensing gaming capabilities with its Xbox 360 gaming console.

It could for example merging it with the existing Project Natal that was revealed by the company in June 2009. Project Natal should allow XBox gamers to interact with the console with out using the controllers via a natural use interface using simple gestures and voice commands.

Our Comments

By definition, all controllers need muscles to be controlled. What differentiates Microsoft's solution is that other muscles (not necessarily the hands' ones) will be involved; that said, it would be interesting to find out how different from existing solutions - Nintendo Wii Motion Controller - it would be.

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