Ministers Mulling Law To Make Fast broadband Compulsory

The UK government is pondering over new plans to make high speed broadband access to all the householders a legal right, placing it at par with some of the current basic utilities such as gas and water (ed: although that alone is debatable, do a search for fuel poverty).

The government seems poised to bring upon a new legislation under which UK households would have high speed broadband access as their legal right.

The obligation for fast broadband has been proposed by council leaders in reaction to fears that a major chunk of the rural section of the country is being left out of the digital revolution, as web users in the rural areas are compelled to use slow internet connections.

In terms of figures, it has been reported that while most of the city residents would have broadband connections to the tunes of 40mbps, as much as 42 percent of the countryside homes in the UK are still not able to receive 2mbps broadband services.

As laid out in the Digital Britain report last year, the Government has vowed to roll out 2mbps broadband service for all by 2012. Furthermore, the Government intends to deliver the high speed internet to around 90 percent of the homes across the nation.

Our Comments

Commenting on the need to bring the rural communities on par with city in terms of super-fast broadband availability, Christopher Snowling, a cabinet member for health and community, said: “People living in rural areas deserve the same quality of internet connection as those living in major towns and cities”.

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