Panasonic To Sell Storage Batteries For Japanese Homes?

It seems that Panasonic is all set to make the most out of its recent acquisition of Sanyo, as the consumer electronics major has announced to come up with a storage battery intended for residential purposes.

The company noted that the proposed lithium-ion storage battery will boast the capability to power a typical Japanese home for almost an entire week, as Panasonic President Fumio Otsubo told to the news agency The Yomiuri Shimbun.

“We'll be the first to bring to the market a storage battery for home use, which can store sufficient electricity for about one week of use”, he said.

He further noted that the whole equipment will be sold together with a system that will show a user’s electricity consumption on a television display.

Last week, the company snapped up majority stakes in another consumer electronics firm Sanyo, hence becoming the second largest consumer electronics company in Japan, second to Hitachi.

Panasonic would apparently be looking to carve out a big niche for its ambitious project, although Ostusbo did accept that there are certain issues that ought to be successfully addressed before the full-fledged development of the product kicks off.

However, perhaps the biggest challenge for Panasonic will be to re-align the growth strategies of both the companies in a comprehensive manner, particularly while keeping the popularity of the Sanyo’s brands intact.

Our Comments

Obviously the big question is the price and the size of such a battery. It is an intriguing idea and one that could potentially be coupled with photovoltaic cells for even better longevity. Obviously, having a battery doesn't remove the need for a good electrical supply but at least it could smooth out potential issues.

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