UK's Cheapest Apple iPod Nano @ £99

The new iPod nano gives you even more to play with. This latest version features a video camera, a polished anodized finish and a larger 2.2-inch screen. It also has a built-in FM tuner that allows you to pause a broadcast with just a click.

You’ll be able to shoot high quality video in portrait or landscape – perfect for posting on the web or emailing friends. It also includes a microphone that captures clean audio you can listen to during playback on the built-in speaker.

Another clever new feature is VoiceOver. If you’re listening to a song and want to know the title or the artist, the new nano can tell you. So you won’t be distracted from your ride or run by looking down at your screen.

You can also use the nano to help you stay fit, thanks to the pedometer function. The built-in accelerometer will keep track of your steps, so you can create a daily step goal or set it to Always On so it counts all the steps you take, all the time.

Turn the nano on its side and you’ll be able to listen, watch, and play in new ways. In horizontal mode you can flick through your albums by the cover art, a bit like leafing through a box of LPs to find your favourite record.

It’s great for displaying your photos too. Hold it upright to see them in portrait and turn it on its side to see them in landscape.

Grab it while you can from John Lewis where it is available in a number of other colours as well, for £99 including delivery.